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Stevie J & Joseline Headed To Trial Over Custody Battle This Spring


Stevie J & Joseline Headed To Trial Over Custody Battle This Spring

Although Joseline and Stebbie J have recently been seen on social media looking like things are all good between them and seem to be co-parenting their toddler daughter effectively, but behind the scenes it’s allegedly a totally different story!

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According to BOSSIP both parties have been moving forward with their child support and custody case over their little girl in silence and that the legal matter will come to a head when it goes to trial this spring.

Earlier in the month, the judge presiding over the case announced that the case would head to trial on May 21 and instead of it to be evaluated by a jury, it would instead be a bench trial and the judge will make the final decision.

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Its been also reported last year Stevie sued Joseline for custody of Bonnie, claiming she cut him out of her life and was living in Miami with another guy. He alleges that he is more mentally and financially capable of caring for their daughter than she is, and is requesting the judge to force Joseline to instead pay him child support.

However Jos denies keeping Bonnie away from Stebbie and says she was doing the best she could to raise the little Bonnie Bella.

The judge ordered that a child advocate, or “guardian ad litem,” participate in the case recently, and this person is supposed to evaluate both Stevie and Joseline’s parenting ability and report her findings back to the judge. 

Joseline now has primary custody of Bonnie so that she can continue going to school in Miami and Stevie doesn’t have to pay her child support for now.

And by the looks of it, Stevie is trying to keep it that way!

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