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Why You Mad Sis: Bhad Bhabie Responds to Skai Jackson’s Restraining Order


Why You Mad Sis: Bhad Bhabie Responds to Skai Jackson’s Restraining Order

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Catch this restraining Bhad Bhabie order how bout DAT!!

Danielle aka Bhad Bhabie, seems to be unbothered by Skai’s restraining order basically brushing it off the whole thing. She posted a picture of her gold and platinum records with the caption:

“Go get your restraining order, Imma go get checks.”

And to be even more petty she turned her clapback into an ad.

Skai’s restraining order was granted by the judge just yesterday. According to TMZ, the orders state BB to stay 100 yards away from Skai, her home and crib nor can Barb’s contact Skai in any form.

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According to docs, Skai claim’s she’s scared to leave her house by herself, hasn’t slept well since the threats started and feels Danielle is unstably mental. Skai also says 4 months Danielle texted her saying she wanted to fight her, which she included in her filing.

Looks like Skai Jackson seems to be taking Bhad Bhabie’s death threat quite seriously!

In case you need catching up….

Last week Bhad Bhabie went on IG going off on 17-year-old actress Skai Jackson. The latest vid was looked at as an apparent death threat, with Danielle screaming, “Bitch, I’ll kill you! I’ll really kill you!”


But why is sis so mad tho?!

Well, apparently BB’s salty that Skai allegedly made a fake account just to talk smack about Danielle recently being seen hanging out with rapper NBA YoungBoy, (and might we add Bhabie seems to think Skai’s pretty into NBA herself), Bhad Bhabie alleges Skai’s moving very “sneaky” online.

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Skai on the other hand is clearly the one who is really unbothered!

She posted this earlier this week on Twitter:

Book doing pretty well✔️
Finalizing makeup deal✔️
Shopping treatment to major studios & producers✔️
Working on speech for Ted Talk✔️
Going over scripts✔️
Recording Netflix animated series✔️
Vlogging for my YouTube channel✔️
Hosting 18,000 youth for We Day✔️
No time 4 negatives!🚫

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