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1501 Entertainment To Megan Thee Stallion: Hold Up Hot Girl… You No Legal Right To Sue Us


1501 Entertainment To Megan Thee Stallion: Hold Up Hot Girl… You No Legal Right To Sue Us

The civil suit against her label 1501 Certified Entertainment is far from over for Megan Thee Stallion.

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Its head CEO, Carl Crawford and the Houston record company filed court papers asking that the rising Meg’s civil suit against them to be put to a stop.

The label recently filed a motion to halt Megan’s case with allegations of fraud, bullying and more. The out is going to be decided by a private arbitrator.

On March 11th, Lawyers for the label filed court papers asking for her case to be put on hold for good because according to their contract she can’t sue the label if they should ever disagree.

Now if the judge does approve the case going through arbitration, it’s a good chance the outcome may never become public.

1501 said Megan entered into her artist’s contract with the company two years ago willingly, and per the details of that deal, any disputes between them would be settled privately via arbitration.

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Crawford and 1501 argument is that having Megan’s case to go forward, it would violate their artist’s agreement within the law. They also argue even if Megan’s fraud claims against them are facts, everything still needs to resolved in private.

In case you missed it…..

Earlier this month, Meg sued Crawford and 1501 with claims they had her sign a bad deal and online harassment. MTS also alleges 1501 is flat out jealous of her Roc Nation management deal and out to ruin her career. Megan got a court order last week that allowed her to put out new singles, S.U.G.A. and “Captain Hook.”

The judge has not ruled on the motion as of yet.

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