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‘Juwanna Mann’ Actor Miguel Nunez Arrested For Allegedly Shoplifting $200 Worth Of Groceries


‘Juwanna Mann’ Actor Miguel Nunez Arrested For Allegedly Shoplifting $200 Worth Of Groceries

Welp! Guess he didn’t ‘Wanna’ wait!!! 

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TMZ reported that earlier in the week, “Juwanna Mann” star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. got arrested for attempting to walk out of a store with a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries items. Alleged Nunez was “shopping” at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket when his credit card got declined at the register, and reportedly that’s when he just took it upon himself to put the groceries back in his cart and walked straight out the front door without paying. Apparently Miguel thought his celeb status would get him an IOU and a few days later he actually went back to the same Ralphs, but wasn’t allowed inside and cops were called.  

Miguel A. Nuñez Jr. Pictures and Photos | Fandango

Here’s where it gets funny….  

While all this was happening, an unnamed person tried to play superhero  placing him under citizen’s arrest, and when LAPD arrived, police charged him a misdemeanor for shoplifting and then  he left the store like nothing ever happened. The only reason why he got off so easy by the police is because they were advised to let people go for minor offenses until the coronavirus pandemic dies down. He was still booked and charged for the incident and will have to face the judge eventually.  

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Miguel did try to do some major PR, explaining that he got tired of waiting in the long line and left the store with his groceries and was returning to pay for the items days later but before all the drama went down the manager refused saying “No” telling him that he “wasn’t special”.  

I bet that unnamed person who tried to play superhero and  placed him under citizen’s arrest was named Bob or John!  

What’s your 2 cents?  

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