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Kehlani Talks Beef With Kamaiyah & Keyshia Cole (VIDEO)


Kehlani Talks Beef With Kamaiyah & Keyshia Cole (VIDEO)

Apparently this beef started from a song!

Earlier in the week, Kamaiyah went on her Instagram Live confirming that her and Kehlani are no longer friends, and although rumors were circulating that it had something to do with YG, the beef actually started with their “All Me” collaboration, which also featured Cole.

And this made Kehlani defend herself against the fellow Bay Area natives, Kamaiyah and Keshia Cole.  

Kehlani responded in several post and deleted tweets where she called out Kamaiyah for threatening her life. Kamaiyah went back on her Instagram Live and although she apologized for threatening Kehlani, she also accused her of colorism in the same breath.

Kamaiyah explains :

“I was okay with not ever putting any of this out. She [Kehlani] decides that she’s gonna put out the record and she takes me off, and leaves Keyshia.The problem was, I feel like it should’ve never came out and that’s where our beef stems from. It was our song, we did a project together…so all of this and that I’m ‘upset’ and I’m ‘trying to use her.’ What did I use you for? If anything I was genuine, I loved you, if anything I still considered you a sister. My problem came from the was on some, ‘Oh you’re black, your ghetto, you’re not tasteful.”

Kehlani denied the colorism claims in a bunch of posts and deletes tweeting:

“Please do not take this bold a** lie and [f**cking] run with it. Ya’ll KNOW this don’t even SOUND RIGHT and this could really hurt my fans…hurt my daughter, hurt my family members.” 

“Come on now. This is where I draw the line. I’m just disheartened as hell [because] it really IS always some drama [with] me. I don’t know what I attract or what I be doing. I respond to a hit on my head with love and I got slandered further. All I do is make music and take care of my family. I got the same friends I always had.”

Cole on the other hand says that she and Kehlani are no longer friends because they “didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things,” but didn’t rule out a possible reconciliation.


“Anything is possible as far as being cool again, but I just don’t think friendship.”

Kehlani responded to Shade Room’s Instagram clip posting:

“This is just sad and lame. I have screenshots of texts of Keyshia [apologizing] to my manager saying she just felt embarrassed about how she looked in the video. Apologizing to my manager saying she’s just emotional. That’s why she isn’t in the video. I lost money on that. I still look up to her and am honored to have her on the song, there are so many videos of me covering her songs on YouTube since I was little. I have screenshots of me telling her she’s an idol of mine. This is all super sad.”

Kehlani just dropped a new music video for “F&MU,” and is getting readying for the release of her album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t next week.

Watch the “F&MU” video and drop your 2 cents below:

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