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Celina Powell Claims To Post Snoop Dogg Sex Tape For Her Only Fans


Celina Powell Claims To Post Snoop Dogg Sex Tape For Her Only Fans

This is soooooo sneaky and super sideways. But how will this alleged side piece drama end?

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Hip Hop’s peen community CEO, Celina Powell, released a so called Snoop Dogg sex video to her Only Fans page.

The Instagram clout chaser is still putting her alleged Snoop Dogg affair on front street. She now alleges to have a ‘tape’ with Snoop but is only posting it to her private Only Fans account.

How convenient.

If you have a extra $29.25 lying around somewhere, you too can get 30 days access to her page, where she says the alleged video is as well as footage with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and DJ Akademiks.

Via Google Images

Via Celina’s Instastory:

“I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop. Ya’ll thought I was playing. I keep every video.”

Now it’s not exactly clear what’s on the ‘tape’, but according to her there’s some “sucking and f***ing” going on according to her Only Fans page description.

As some may remember, in a YouTube vid Celina alleges to have had a coke-snorting session with Uncle Snoop that resulted in her extorting him for $20,000.

This maaaaaaaaaaay explain why Snoop praised his wife on Instagram for her “loyalty” and a source of “stability” for him recently.

Thanks4 the . Kids loyalty stability n the ability to deal wit me on my worst days 🥰 u are appreciated 💝💙💯

Since then Snoop’s Instagram Account has been deleted…

Could this be some kind of major PR control with him knowing what Celina was about to release?!!!

No matter what’s going, this thang bout to get ugly!!

However, the question of the hour is, can she get in trouble legally for this?!?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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