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More Details Surrounding Attorney General Suing Lil Boosie For Not Providing Support For 11-Year Old Daughter


More Details Surrounding Attorney General Suing Lil Boosie For Not Providing Support For 11-Year Old Daughter

Lil Boosie is back on the hot seat once again after claiming he brought an adult woman to perform sexual acts on his underage sons to bring them into manhood.

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Now his parenting choices may be under more fire because the state Department of Human Services are suing him for failing to financially support his daughter, Lyric Beyonce, according to sources.

Court papers state Special Assistant Attorney General Don Snow is filing legal action against Boosie on behalf of the girl’s mother, Gelisa Hayes, who reached out with clams that he wasn’t supporting their 11-year-old child..

According to court papers obtained by sources, Hayes and the state are seeking child support of a “reasonable amount,” and asking for Boosie’s wages to be garnished like ASAP, as well as proof of health and accident insurance for the child. And if Boosie doesn’t think he’s the child’s father, Haynes and the state said he should take a DNA test through the state to prove either way.

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Citing federal law, the spokeswoman from the Georgia Department of Human Services said she couldn’t comment about Boosie’s case at this time.

Nor has Boosie responded to the lawsuit yet although court papers show he was served at both his mansion and the nearby headquarters for “Bad Azz Entertainment.” This week he was due in court on the matter this week, but according to court papers the hearing got canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic mess.

Boosie sparked public revulsion when he went on Instagram Live to brag that he’d arranged for a woman to perform oral sex on his minor son and nephews.

Boosie via IG Live:

“I’m training them boys right. I got my son’s d**k sucked early, I got his d**k sucked early, all my nephews, all of them, ask them, or my sons, who got them their first h**d.

And this all lead to twitter users questioning Boosie’s parenting skills and if to child abuse is involved and vowing to file complaints against him to the local Child Protection Services. 

No lawyer is listed as representing him in the case so far. Boosie so real, he may just defend himself?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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