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Kevin & Dreka Gates Already Addressed Open Relationships In Their Marriage (VIDEO)


Kevin & Dreka Gates Already Addressed Open Relationships In Their Marriage (VIDEO)

Sooooo…what cheating???!!!!!

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When have we ever known Kevin Gates to be shy about his sex drive or even sleeping with other women outside his relationship with wife Dreka Gates?

After sending the Twitter into a uproar last week after footage leaked of Kevin swinging his peen into a woman who is definitely not his wife Dreka. And although this brought thousands of women coming to Dreka’s defense, so far Gates’ wife has kept quiet and continuing to promote her husband and their businesses without ever discussing the recent clip leak.

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Or is she?! After all, she has spoke on the subject before…..

Remember a few years back when Kevin and Dreka was guest on the show “Lip Service” where they openly discussed bringing other women into the bedroom, and Kevin mentioning how other women tasted how Dreka’s kitty tasted even better when they gave him head action.

Check out the interview and the discussion of other women tasting Dreka on him starts around the 15:20 mark below:

Gates via Lip Service:

“I ain’t put nothing on it, that’s Dreka. They don’t even know, this what you tasting.”

Wayment — so they don’t even know? Doesn’t that kind of imply — nevermind.

The couple was also asked if Dreka has to be present at all times and her answer is very clear:

“I don’t rock like that, I want to play too. You going off and doing your own thing – nah.”

Kevin tries to make things clear saying it’s fine with him if Dreka gets down with another woman without him around and says his love for his wife goes way beyond their sex life.

“Our relationship isn’t based on sex. That’s my best friend.”

So clearly this is nothng new for the couple. And could it be that that maybe it was Dreka who was the one actually filming the nasty footage???!

Just saying!

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