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SHE Said What SHE Said: Trina Calls Looting Protesters “Animals”


SHE Said What SHE Said: Trina Calls Looting Protesters “Animals”

Is the Black community about to invoke Trina’s black card?!

Via Trina Instagram

Miami’s Baddest b***h went on her radio show this morning to let some thangs off her chest. But one can’t help to wonder was she upset over the killing of George Floyd? Or maybe she is still mourning the loss of her mother and taking ish to the streets? Maybe she was she furious about all the videos of on the internet of police assaulting peaceful protesters?

Eh, not really……

Instead Trina was angry at the protesters who were “looting” and her friend’s business that apparently got messed up in the process. On her radio show with Trick Daddy she went in on Black people like Trina Lahren. Trick Daddy surprisingly tried to calm things down and be the voice of reason, but Trina was not having it and kept running them gums!

Check out a clips below:

She even calls the protestors “animals”:

This is coming from someone who lied claiming she was afro-latina, but was Trina wrong or did she have a valid point?!

Either way based on her earlier tweet she could give 0 f**ks:

What’s your 2 cents?!

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