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Man Runs Into A Crowd of Protesters…With A CHAINSAW (VIDEO)


Man Runs Into A Crowd of Protesters…With A CHAINSAW (VIDEO)

We can’t explain crazy. We just can’t.

Via Google Images

A McAllen, Texas man was detained by authorities after he threatened peaceful protesters with a chainsaw while screaming the N-word this past Friday, according to police.

In a scary video that went viral Twitter, the man, (whose identity remains unidentified), pulled out a chainsaw from the back of his pick-up truck and runs towards a group of people protesting peacefully on a sidewalk.

He then begins to yell some real derogatory things, including the N-word!

Check out the video below:

“Go home. Don’t let those f–king n–gers out there fool you!”

He continues:

“Don’t let those f–king trash antifa bulls–t people, fool you! Don’t let these pendejos right here — don’t let these f–king a–holes lie to you!”

Police are still investigating the situation.

And this is why WE are gonna keep fighting!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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