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Kodak Black To Walmart: Stop Selling My Chains As Knockoff’s Before I Sue!!!


Kodak Black To Walmart: Stop Selling My Chains As Knockoff’s Before I Sue!!!

Toni Michelle 6/24/2020

Rapper Kodak Black is not too happy with Walmart, and claims they let someone sell a knockoff version of one of his infamous chains, and if they don’t pull them off the shelves he’s threatening a lawsuit. But Wally World’s pointing the finger to unknown third-party sellers.

Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

Walmart’s been getting dragged online because its website features cheap chains that looks mighty similar to the Sniper Gang bling Kodak usually wears.

Kodak’s attorney Bradford Cohen via TMZ:

“We have been aware of the situation and have prepared a cease and desist letter to Walmart and the seller on the Walmart website.”

“If Walmart refuses to recognize that the seller is not a licensed authorized dealer of Sniper Gang products, we will be proceeding with a lawsuit against both Walmart and the unauthorized seller.”

Kodak is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence for gun possession.

Here is Walmart’s version of KB’s chain:

But he’s not the only rapper coming for Walmart’s knockoff chains…..

Jackboy, who is Kodak’s protege, also put Walmart on blast for selling the Sniper Gang chains and he’s also threatening legal action against the mega store.

It seems Walmart has got notice of Kodak’s ultimatum, and according to TMZ they’re taking steps to remove the knockoffs and emphasize the chains are strictly from a third-party seller.

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Lil Baby also has beef with Walmart claiming they selling a knockoff version of his 4 Pockets Full chain for their rollback price of just $24.99.

People steal another peron’s idea everyday B…..

What’s your 2 cents?!

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