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Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to Critics That Hamilton Mishandled Slavery Issue: “All the criticisms are valid”


Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to Critics That Hamilton Mishandled Slavery Issue: “All the criticisms are valid”

Bad editing decision or nah?! Miranda responds on Twitter and explains why he left the issue of slavery mostly out of final production.

Thanks to its debut on Disney+ over the weekend, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster Broadway hit “Hamilton” was introduced to a wider audience than before. However, this has also opened up to new and bigger criticism.

And although it was a diverse actors that played predominantly white figures from the Revolutionary and early American eras, “Hamilton” and Miranda still continue to face criticism for how they portrayed real-life slave holders including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

The musical biggest criticisms they faced is how they showcased — or better yet didn’t showcase — the elephant in the room during that era… slavery.

Yes, sure the issue was touched very lightly in the edited version at the part when Hamilton confronts Thomas Jefferson about how the South built its strong economy on the backs of slaves. But that was it.

“Cabinet Battle” was cut by a third from final production, but released on “The Hamilton Mixtape,” it dove deep into slavery era, discussing abolishing it in the early days of America, as well as criticizing directed blame on both Jefferson and George Washington, America’s founding fathers.

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Critics also accuse “Hamilton” of glorifying slavery by giving George Washington a free pass, and with Hamilton acknowledging it throughout, even knowing some of his closest allies and friends had their own slaves.

“Strong Black Legends” podcaster Tracy Clayton, brought the topic up on her show and how the play and movie have come out in such different social and political environment time in America.

Miranda responded on Twitter tweeting:

“All the criticisms are valid.”

“The sheer tonnage of complexities and failings of these people I couldn’t get. Or wrestled with but cut. I took 6 years and fit as much as I could in a 2.5 hour musical. Did my best. It’s all fair game.”

Some are calling “Hamilton” to be canceled. But is this necessary?

Here’s my 2 cents!

They should remix it!

Sprinkle some of that “Cabinet Battle #3” back into the story Lin-Manuel!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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