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Master P Sounds Off On Why Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized For Anti-Semitic Comments: ‘Stand On It’


Master P Sounds Off On Why Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized For Anti-Semitic Comments: ‘Stand On It’

Master P doesn’t think Nick Cannon should have stood behind his beliefs and never issued an apology after getting the boot by ViacomCBS over his anti-semitic comments last week.

Master P Doesn't Think Nick Cannon Should Have Apologized - XXL
Via XXL Magazine

TMZ cameras caught P out and about and explained why Nick should have stuck to his guns even though he received backlash along the way:

“The only thing I hate is that Nick Cannon apologized. He shouldn’t have did that. You know why I say that? Whatever is gon’ happen is gon’ happen. He’s not the boss of that company. So if you really stand on that, then stand on it. You know, you might say something in the moment or whatever. But I think Nick Cannon is a good guy. So you gotta realize what you doing, you working for somebody. If they get rid of you, they get rid of you. What are you gonna do? It’s about doing what’s right. If you do what’s right you don’t have to apologize.”

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Adding to that, P said that Nick being fired by ViacomCBS is one main reason why ownership is so important in this industry this current day and age:

“It’s about ownership now. [Black people] have to start owning our own products, owning our own networks. Until then, you can’t say what you want to say all the time. You got to watch what say if you a public figure. So, my advice to Nick, it’s time to go own something now.”

You can hear Master P’s thoughts in full for yourself down below:

Wonder if P will help Nick get ownership of WildNOut once and for all?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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