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Lil Duval Hits Back At “Smile” Copyright Lawsuit


Lil Duval Hits Back At “Smile” Copyright Lawsuit

Lil Duval has officially fired back at a lawsuit filed by his former friends that alleges he stole his hit song, “Smile”, (which they say they helped him co-write), but he ended up releasing it on his own making major bags!

Photo via Lil Duval’s Instagram

According to court papers report, Duval denies all allegations that he stole “Smile (Living My Best Life)” from his former friends and creative partners and wants the lawsuit thrown out.

On June 19th, Darwin Quinn and Mitchelle’l Sium filed the lawsuit for copyright infringement, accusing Duval of stealing a song they all made right from under them and a lot of bags off of it.

Sium, a professional singer/songwriter, and Quinn, a producer and music writer, claims back in 2017 they were all at Quinn’s home in Atlanta when Quinn played an instrumental for a song titled, “Back and Forth.” Duval and Sium wrote and recorded the words and the hook to the track.

But here is where things went far left…..

Sium and Quinn alleges that Duval went behind their backs and worked with another producer, who re-recorded Duval singing the hook on a different track. The new track, with the hook the plaintiffs claimed they helped write, but over a new beat that was changed to “Smile,” and featured rapper Snoop Dogg.

Sium and Quinn also claims that Duval pulled the same stunt with another track they all made titled, “Drop It Off,” and he never paid them for that either.

According to them Duval has purposely cut them out of all sales proceeds even though they are co-owners of the copyright song.

Photo via Lil Duval’s Instagram

But Duval is hitting them back real hard!

Lil Duval says that Quinn and Sium’s claims doesn’t hold water according to court papers he filed last week. Duval says even if he’s found liable, any financial judgment dollar amount should be lowered because of debts he alleges the plaintiffs owe him! And although he never denied that Quinn and Sium are the copyright owners of the song and he alleges that their ownership speaks for itself.

So far no comments from Quinn and Sium nor Duval yet.

Somehow we see Duval “Smile (Living “His’ Best Life) all the way to court!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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