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Pop Smoke Allegedly Refused to Snitch on Crip Gang Members Before Being Killed


Pop Smoke Allegedly Refused to Snitch on Crip Gang Members Before Being Killed

As more details surrounding Pop Smoke’s death emerges it has been reported that he was dealing with some legal issues behind the scenes that may have led to his murder. Was NYPD to blame?!

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 New York Post reported that the NYPD may have been using pending charges against Pop Smoke as ammo for him to allegedly snitch on fellow Crip gang members.

via Complex:

A source tells the Post that police first tried to get Pop Smoke to snitch when he was arrested in December 2019 for allegedly possessing a stolen Rolls Royce Wraith. The police questioned him about a non-fatal shooting that took place in Brooklyn in June 2019. Authorities felt as though he had information on the situation because they claimed to have footage of him driving a car in reverse near the scene of the crime. 

Police tried everything to pressure Pop Smoke into snitching on 823 Crips, GS9, as well as other Brooklyn street gangs, but Pop refused to talk.

In a statement the rapper’s lawyer Peter Frankel said:

“Any conversation with Pop about cooperation was a very short one. It’s something he would never entertain doing.”

Frankel also alleges that the gone too soon rapper was hit with the federal grand theft auto charge as pressure to get him to snitch on the gang members.

In fact, according to a New York Times  source, the feds getting involved in a car theft case is something that is “rarely seen in a federal indictment.” 

The source goes on to say to New York Times:

“They hoped the force of the federal indictment would persuade him to cooperate — meet and speak with them. t’s not uncommon for the federal government to become involved in an investigation when they believe that doing so will help them in a way a state court prosecution may not be able to do.”

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And since he wouldn’t cooperate, the FEDS was trying to back him in a corner to force him to snitch…but little did they know Pop was not budging.

The NYPD picked him for the same grand theft auto charge back in January. While in police custody, they tried all sorts of pressure tactics bout his connection to the 823 Crips and more non-fatal shootings. But Pop stood his ground and refused to cooperate, posted a $250,000 bond, agreed to stay away from any known gang members and agreeing to submit drug tests to US pretrial services as part of his conditions.

These conditions kept him from performing at several events including the “BK Drip Concert” at Kings Theatre in Flatbush back in February. According to the informational memo in his federal case, a field intelligence agent was tipped off that members of the “8 Trey Cowboy Crip, 90’s G-Stone Crip, Slattery Boys, and Vice Lords” would be in attendance.

The memo reads:

“Furthermore, these artists have been identified by the NYPD as perpetrators with violent criminal histories, with the defendant and one of the other artists remaining persons of interest in a non-fatal shooting that took place in Queens on Jan. 4.”

And although his maintained his innocence, Pop Smoke agreed to not do the concert with the advise of his lawyers.

This is a prime example on how the streets aren’t loyal as you think they are.

RIP Pop Smoke. Gone too soon.

What’s your 2 cents?!

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