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Jay-Z & Yo Gotti Demand Stricter COVID-19 Testing in Mississippi’s Parchman Prison (VIDEO)


Jay-Z & Yo Gotti Demand Stricter COVID-19 Testing in Mississippi’s Parchman Prison (VIDEO)

Jay-Z, Yo Gotti and Team’s ROC’s lawyers claim Mississippi’s Parchman prison aren’t protecting inmates from COVID-19, and their stats proves just that. Let’s jump into these deets shall we?!

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This week Team’s ROC’s lawyers filed docs alleging the state penitentiary had some serious testing failures on the break of reports of the coronavirus outbreak among just a small number of inmates.

As of July 30, only 132 Parchman prisoners of more than 2,000 had been tested for COVID, and among those 132 tested, 33 percent tested positive, suggesting an impending crisis according to the legal docs.

That’s a huge percentage to say the least!

Team ROC alleges cases continue to go up instead of down, and emphasizes that one inmate had just died from COVID just this past weekend.

Here is where the situation makes things worse….

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The ROC team alleges 3 prisoners who had pending tests were recklessly moved to different units with no precautions and their results came back positive. In their eyes the prison’s failed in isolating infected inmates. 

And it doesn’t stop there….

Team ROC also allege prison staff does not do their due diligence when it comes to the screening process for visitors and claims staff members don’t universally wear PPE, (which causes major concern that attorneys and other outsiders may have been exposed to COVID on the outside).

Team ROC attorney Marcy Croft states:

“It’s a travesty that Parchman continues to neglect the lives of the people in their prisons and expose them to the deadly COVID-19 virus.”

The legal team is looking for more transparency from the prison along with better testing protocols and compliance, to ensure the prison is following CDC guidelines to slow down the spread of the virus.

This isn’t the first time the notorious Mississippi penitentiary’s been under fire for of mistreatment of their inmates. Back in January Team ROC released a video of what they described as inhumane conditions inside of the prison walls.

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Mississippi’s Parchman Prison

Yo Gotti even as far as to try to get the feds involved, and Team ROC also filed a lawsuit against prison officials demanding a plan of action to assist the inmates.

No word yet if FEDS are gonna get involved with the cause. Question is, do they really care?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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