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Stomp In The Name Of Love: R. Kelly Attacked In Prison By Inmate (Allegedly)/Twitter Reacts


Stomp In The Name Of Love: R. Kelly Attacked In Prison By Inmate (Allegedly)/Twitter Reacts

Reports are circulating that R. Kelly is recovering after an alleged serious beatdown in prison.

According to TMZ an inmate “inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago sat the Petulant Pied Piper sitting on his bed and started “punching the crap out of him.”

And Twitter is having a ‘Fiesta’!

Why you may ask?

Well, Kelly’s supporters are to thank for this. And yes, they do exist and they keep protesting outside the jail.

Via TMZ:

“Our sources say the inmate went on the attack because he was angry about the detention facility being placed on lock down a couple of times largely due to Kelly protesters outside the jail.

We’re told the fight didn’t last long, and it’s unclear if another inmate or guards broke it up. Our sources say Kelly was examined by a doctor, who determined the singer was okay … no broken bones or serious injuries.”

via TMZ

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg also confirmed the beatdown and says he wants the court to let Kelly out on bail because “the prison system can’t ensure his safety.”

His safety?! What about the women he abused safety?!

Due process?! Good luck with that fam!

R. Kelly Knowingly Exposed Sex Partners to Herpes, Prosecutors Say - The  New York Times
via Google Images

And the drama doesn’t stop there, according to feds Kellz, (who is facing two federal criminal cases for abusing underage girls) – made $1.2 million in 2019 and deposited the funds in a secret bank account, most likely to avoid paying restitution or fines if found guilty.

Feds allege “the secret account was opened under a shell company called “SomeBrotherLuv LLC” consisted most of Kelly’s royalties. U.S. Attorney John Lausch also put Kelly’s secret accounts and financial dealings on front street after one of Kelly’s lawyers accused the government of going on a “fishing expedition” to get that mula if he had to pay the restitution, after all, Kellz is crying broke!

Lausch also claims Kelly’s lawyer of trying to pay off witnesses and alleged victims on Kelly’s behalf.

Kellz been locked up a year so far on these charges, which includes a racketeering and kidnapping case in New York City.

The trial is expected to go down this October.

Twiiter had a field day about the new R. Kelly news, check out some of the funny reactions below:

The internet remains undefeated!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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