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Free Ye: Kanye West Speaks On His Giving G.O.O.D. Music Artists Back What He Owns Of Their Masters


Free Ye: Kanye West Speaks On His Giving G.O.O.D. Music Artists Back What He Owns Of Their Masters

Yeezys’ mission is to change the way record labels treat their artists.

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It’s been about two weeks of us hearing Kayne wanting Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV, Kanye West to sign over his music, hell we even saw him allegedly peeing on a Grammy. Despite all of his latest actions Ye has promised to do his part in helping the artists on his G.O.O.D. Music in a major way!

Ye Tweeted Wednesday (Sept. 23) :

“I’m giving all Good music artist[s] back the 50% share I have of their masters.”

Big Sean, who has been signed with West’s label more than 10 years, seemed to be thankful for West’s future blue print tweeting:

This comes after West did an interview with Billboard and spoke on his plans to “free artists” from record deals and helping them own their masters.

“The desired effect will only be achieved when every artist owns their masters. I’m Team ‘Free Artists.’ I’m committed to doing whatever is necessary so artists own their own copyrights. The response is awesome because everyone knows this is a broken system that needs to be fixed. Currently, artists take advances to make records and yet when they repay those advances the record company still owns the records.”

According to Ye he’s in talks with Universal, and their affiliate company Vivendi, and he was very clear that he also plans to fix “everyone’s situation,” along with his. He explains:

“My brand and influence goes way beyond just music and that of course is meaningful to Vivendi, as it is to Adidas and many other conglomerates. If that helps me be able to help free all artists, of course I’m going to use it.”

“You only need to look back to the early days of the record companies and see how predatory they were. Old execs admit it. The contracts are almost the same now. The shape, the terminology… And yet, in that time we moved to a completely digital age. Has the attitude of the labels and the structure in which our music moves on our side changed to that degree? No, it has not. You’re locked in; once you’re locked in you can ask no questions.”

Despite his feelings on UMG and Sony/ATV, West hasn’t closed the door on working with the label giants in the future.

“I will work with anyone who treats artists fairly and righteous. They do that , I will partner with them in bringing music to life. I will redesign the whole process.”

Prince will be proud!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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